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These are songs that I have had some part in recording. Some are my solo stuff and some are from previous bands that I've played in or worked with. Left-click to listen, right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) and "Save link as..." to save the MP3.

Andy's Songs- These are all songs that I've done either at home or at various studios.
Losers Weep (Andy Harrison) - Featuring Jerome Dillon on drums.
Ladybug (Andy Harrison) - A little help on violin here from the amazing Theresa Fyffe.
Untitled Instrumental (Andy Harrison) - Still working on this one.
Stingish (Andy Harrison) - Still working on this one too. This started as an experiment with the new CS80 soft synth. It sounds a little to me like early 80's Sting with the bad synth piano.
Groovy Drone Tune (Andy Harrison) - I was really bored one night. Caution: gratuitous guitar wankage!
Tiny Demons (Todd Rundgren) - All me with some Matt Mees drum samples. My favorite Todd song.
Say Goodbye (Jason Clayton) - An old "King Of Iowa" song resurrected. Jason sings the lead and plays acoustic and I do the rest.

X-Rated Cowboys - The Cowboys are my current band and are mucho fun live.
Fallen- This is from our second album "Saddest Day of the Year". This may be the song that I'm most proud of from a production standpoint. Dan Baird's kick-ass J-50 and insight were pivotal on this one. I'm especially fond of the Brian Wilson-inspired timpani, bells and Beach Boys' harmonies in the bridge as well. Yeah, so I love "Pet Sounds"...
Trans Am- This song runs a close second to "Fallen" as my favorite Cowboys' song. I'm really happy with the guitar tones and the vocals on this one and I think we really nailed the arrangement.

Emperors of Bad Luck - Big, loud rock. EBL were: Aaron Pauley - guitar and lead vocals, Andy Harrison - guitar and backing vocals, Steve Patrick - bass and backing vocals, and Chris "Woody" Wood - drums. These songs were recorded mostly by Joe Viers at John Schwab Recording and were produced by me. "Without You" and "13th Hour" were recorded and produced by me at OATH studios and feature Grant Guilkey on guitar.
Rev It Up
Bruised Lips
Mr. Sinister
Without You
13th Hour
Pushin' The Envelope


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