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These are links to some websites that I like.

Sheryl - news about Sheryl. - lots of MP3s and news from the Columbus, OH music scene.
X-Rated Cowboys - my band.
The Bottoms - A kickass new band in town featuring Andy Hindman, Aaron Pauley, Doug Wells and Rob Dougherty.
Watershed - pop kings of Columbus, OH.
Fifth Avenue Fretshop - I work here part-time and Phil builds my Teles.

PGP - Strong encryption for the masses. Get it before they take it away.
GnuPG - Open Source strong encryption.
Slashdot - the best geek news.
OSNews - more geek news.
Firefox - A new cross-platform Mozilla-based browser that rocks. It's all I use on my Powerbook now.
OSXAudio - everything about audio on the best OS ever. - Acronym for "A GNU/Linux Audio distribution". Based on Debian or Red Hat.
Ardour - Baddass free audio recording software for *nix.
3rd Party Superdrive Firmware Update - For some Apple Powerbooks with a Superdrive. APPLY WITH CARE!!!
POPFile - The best cross-platform spam filter.
MythTV - Build-your-own, TiVO-like, media PC software.
DVDr - everything you want to know about DVD video on your computer.

Neil Gaiman - My current favorite contemporary author. He created the Sandman comics.
Neal Stephenson - My other current favorite contemporary author. Read 'Cryptonomicon'.
J.R.R. Tolkien - My favorite author of all. Read everything!


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